Port Said University

Port Said University was founded in 2010 in accordance with a republican decision to transfer the branch of Suez Canal University in Port Said to an independent university. However, the nucleus of the establishment of Port Said University dates back to 1975 in the Faculty of Engineering which was founded in Port Said in 1975 and was affiliated with Helwan University The University was founded in 1976.

  • City:
    Port Said
  • Region:
    Port Fuad
  • Advertising unit:
  • Phone Number:
    3402344 , 3424075 , 3424074 , 3400341 (066)
  • Fax:
    3400344 (066)
  • Official Website:
  • Official Facebook Page:
  • Main Address:
    Galaa street, city of burvod, Port Said.

  • Year Founded:
  • University presidents:
    Prof.Dr. Shams El Din Mohamed Shaheen : President of the University
  • Central Library:
  • Conference halls and theaters:
  • playgrounds:
  • Student Hostel:
    Required paper:
    1 - Copy of the card "national number" of the student and father or guardian.
    2- The last receipt for invoice (electricity, telephone, natural gas) provided that it is in the name of the father of the student or the guardian to benefit the place of residence.
    3 - The number of (8) a recent personal image of the student size 4 * 6
    4 - Copy of the nomination card for the college as well as pictures of the success statement and the birth certificate mechanized for new students.
    5 - Copy of the payment guarantee page of the application form, or you can print the attached warranty certificate, fill it and seal it with the logo of the republic from the government institution of the guarantor.
    6- Two plastic document folders.
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    Out of classification
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Main campus

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Sports Education

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Nursing


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